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To the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India


Hon'ble Members of Parliament

Children from the Economically Weaker Section face atrocities the most.

We urge the Government to increase and improve public revenues spent on children and remove cost barriers to basic services:

1. Tangible measures to better fight the problem of under-5 child deaths in India - 13.4 lakh children in India die every year due to preventable causes.

2. Blanket ban on child labour (law amendment) - 1 in every 11 children in India is involved child labour.

3. Measures to tackle the problem of children living in street situation - Almost 20 lakh children are living on streets of India.

4. Strong implementation of child marriage laws to end gender injustice - Almost 30% of girls in India get married before turning 18.

5. Secondary school education to be included in RTE (Right to education) Act - Children complete education till Class 8 and then drop out of school.

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