Every child has the right to a childhood – a time in life to learn, play, grow, develop, and feel safe and protected.

But the world is at a crossroads, and we are heading in the wrong direction.

Globally, more than 700 million children have had their childhoods cut short. A childhood does not end by accident. The world is turning its back on millions of children, just because of who they are and where they live.

Childhoods around the world are being cut short due to ill health, exposure to violence and war, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, or being forced to leave school to work.

And these lost childhoods are a result of choices that exclude children by design or neglect – a key barrier being insufficient, inefficient and unequal public investment in children.

We must act now to change this course. We are therefore urgently calling on countries all over the world to ensure that all children have the right to a full and complete childhood.

Specifically we are asking governments to:

  1. Increase and improve public revenues spent on children, and remove cost barriers to basic services
  2. Change laws and behaviours that are robbing children of their childhood
  3. Guarantee minimum financial security for all children
  4. Ensure children participate in decision making

Together we are powerful. Let’s stand up for children and ensure that no child is robbed of their childhood.

Sign the petition towards world leaders and be part of the global movement for a full and complete childhood.