Start them healthy: end child malnutrition in the Philippines!

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Imagine going through an entire day without eating - your head terribly aches, your stomach won’t stop hurting, and you can’t concentrate on anything that you’re doing. This scenario happens to 1.5 million Filipino children every day.

Although child mortality has steadily improved over time, our new study shows that over 85 children still die each day because they are malnourished and hungry - that's over 31,000 child deaths in 2015 alone. Nearly half or 48% of total child deaths under five years old in Philippines in 2015 were linked to undernutrition. This rate is higher than that of the global average at 45%.

Unless families get enough food and they are nourished, we will continue to lose more Filipino children. 

We’re asking for your support to push for a legislation that will #StartThemHealthy by giving importance on nutrition during the first 1,000 days of life.

What does it mean to #StartThemHealthy?

To #StartThemHealthy means to give adequate nutrition to children from conception up until their second birthday. This period is also known as the first 1,000 days and is considered as a unique window of opportunity critical in a child’s growth and development.

Studies show that children who were not able to maximize nutrition in the first 1000 days are at a higher risk of impaired brain development. Poor nutrition within this period is also the main cause of stunting, a permanent and irreversible form of malnutrition that currently affects 3.6 million children under 5 years old in the country.

The First 1000 Days Bill is key to #StartThemHealthy and we can’t afford to wait any longer. Once passed into law, this will establish a mother and child health care program in every barangay to deliver services that will prevent stunting a child’s first 1000 days. Services on maternal health care, appropriate child feeding and micronutrients will be provided to ensure that children are off to a healthy start in life.

Take action today to #StartThemHealthy!

By signing this petition, you are calling on our national leaders to prioritize the health and nutrition of Filipino children by getting the First 1000 Days Bill passed!

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