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More than 624,000 Rohingya refugees, including more than 378,000 children, have fled in terror from an explosion of violence in Myanmar in the fastest refugee movement since the Rwandan genocide.

They have escaped into neighbouring Bangladesh, malnourished and exhausted; many are traumatised. Worrying numbers of children have arrived alone, separated from their families amid the chaos. Some have seen loved ones killed in front of them.

Children have told us horrific reports of massacres, of homes set ablaze, of villages burned to the ground. Many families have lost everything and are crowding into makeshift settlements across the border in Bangladesh. 

This is an urgent moment for the German government to take decisive action in support of the international rules-based system and fundamental human values. Horrific crimes have been committed against children in Myanmar, and words of condemnation have not brought sufficient pressure either to end the abuses or to hold those responsible to account. This needs to change.

Sign our petition and ask Sigmar Gabriel, the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, to act to save more than 300,000 Rohingya children by taking up our Six Point Plan for Myanmar. The German government must play a leadership role within the EU and encourage others to take up this plan.

The German government must:

1. Insist on immediate, full and unfettered humanitarian access to all people in need in Rakhine State

2. Oppose the return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar until minimum conditions and guarantees have been met to ensure the physical, material and legal safety of returnees and request the substantive involvement of UNHCR in the supervision of any return process.

3. Support the development of a clear and detailed plan to assist internally displaced Rohingya confined in detention-like camps in central Rakhine since 2012 to return to their place of origin or relocate and facilitate their access to services and livelihoods.

4. Immediately impose travel bans and financial sanctions on military commanders and senior officers responsible for ordering criminal acts and consider a ban on investment and business dealings with military-owned companies,

5. Suspend military assistance programmes and support the establishment of a UN-mandated global arms embargo

6. Support access to Myanmar for the UN Fact Finding Mission and explore all avenues for justice and accountability, including through international courts.