Australia: Rohingya Children Deserve Justice

The UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar just handed down a damming report. It contained vast evidence of murder, torture, systematic rape and other atrocities committed against the Rohingya by the Myanmar military. Crimes like this cannot go unpunished.

Save the Children works in the refugee camps in Bangladesh where many of the children fled the violence. We have seen their trauma first-hand. We have heard their horrifying stories. We care for children whose parents were taken from them by machete or bullet. And we help them rebuild their lives, one step at a time. They tell us that they want accountability for the violence which forced them from their homes.

Now we know who is responsible, so it is up to us to tell their stories and demand accountability.

Save the Children is calling on Australia to:

1. Use its diplomatic influence to urge UN Security Council Members to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court without delay.

2. Use its position on the Human Rights Council to establish an international, impartial, and independent mechanism to assist in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for committing the most serious crimes under international law in Myanmar.

Australia must send a signal to the Myanmar military and any other would-be perpetrators that crimes of this magnitude will not be tolerated on our watch.

Extraordinary crimes demand an extraordinary response.