Don't push it: we support healthy children!

Leslie and her son Xian, 3 months. Leslie attended a Save the Children seminar on the first 1000 days of life in the Philippines.

Breast milk formula companies are pushing their products on vulnerable mums in developing countries by paying off doctors and using aggressive marketing tactics. We say: enough. Mothers should be allowed to choose themselves, after knowing all the facts.

All the evidence shows breastfeeding leads to better health outcomes for babies and is often the best decision for children's health – but making a decision like that requires knowing all the facts.

Mums in developing countries face a barrage of information from milk formula companies seeking to influence the choices they make – be it through TV advertising, social media or, in some parts of the world, influencing healthcare professionals.

Some examples:

  • A mother interviewed by Save the Children in Myanmar reported that she started feeding her child formula after being told by a nurse it would improve her baby’s IQ. 
  • Interviews with private doctors in Bangladesh showed company representatives visited these doctors on a monthly basis advocating for the use of infant formula. In other cases, mothers were sent texts from infant formula companies advising that formula milk would help their child “be strong and happy”.  

This is unacceptable: it puts the health of babies second to corporate profits. We want to see a change in the infant formula industry to end these aggressive marketing practices. Sign our pledge today.