Help youth voices be heard in Parliament

Young people were an important part of the 2016 federal election campaign. Their voices were heard on issues such as asylum seeker rights, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, and climate change.

You can make sure the voices of young people continue to be heard in the halls of parliament.

On Saturday 30 July 2016, 75 young Australians met at the State Library of Victoria for the Youth Summit. It was a great opportunity for politically-engaged young people, who really care about social justice, to come together and discuss issues that matter to them.

Watch the above video to find out about their ideas and policy asks.

The voices of young people in Australia are strong and multifaceted. It is imperative that politicians, and political parties listen to their voices.

This is a chance for our politicians to engage and inspire young people to participate in our democracy – and make sure their voices are heard in the new government. This is why we are asking that the political parties respond to the thoughts of Australia’s youth.

Write to your local Member of Parliament now.